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My first post

December 13, 2010

I’m very new to blogging having only had any real experience of reading two other blogs. Still, they’ve obviously inspired me to try my own.

I’m hoping to put up some thought provoking ideas as well as the odd resource and link.

The main purpose is that in the last few months, since taking my AST post, I’ve found that I have little more time to be reflective about my teaching. I’ve been writing those reflections in a cool black book but I’ve seen a post on one of the blogs I’ve mentioned about trying to use less paper.

Hence this blog.


[If you check Zoe’scomments below, you’ll see why these clips are here. Both clips are taken from the TED talks website.]]


This is a brilliant talk about creativity and I really like the last part (but won’t spoil it for you).

It has been made into an RSAnimate version which you can find here on youtube.

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Interesting points about motivation and how you can get people to do things they like for free! I’ve also realised that being an AST is a lot like Google’s 20% time.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Dear Dave,I love your blog and am very impressed with your Rubik challenges! I particularly like your efforts to give students more choice around how they work. There’s a couple of good TED talks you could watch about autonomy (Danile Pink "The science behind motivation") and Steven johnson’s talk about how ideas are generated links to your evidence that ceativity happens in groups. I would usually give you the links but as I am on the train, this is a little tricky! Let me know if you find them, and find them useful, obviously. Are you planning on signing up to Twitter next?

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