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My new Christmas pressie: Solved

December 27, 2010

So, I’ve done it. Not bad I think.


I feel like I should relate this to teaching somehow so here goes…

Firstly, I’ve not completely solved this yet. There are certain arrangements that I don’t know how to do. If they crop up, my current solution is to mix it all up again, start again and hope that arrangement doesn’t happen next time. How is this similar to a student that can, say, solve equations if they’re in a particular format that they know how to deal with? What should their equivalent of ‘mix it all up and start again’ be?

Secondly, I didn’t work out how to do it myself. I used the booklet and youtube to get the algorithms required (yes, algorithms for those few people lucky enough to teach Decision maths). Now, I have put some effort into finding these solutions and making sure I can do them. I also intend to find out how to deal with the case I can’t currently do. This feels similar to a student listening to a teacher’s explanation and then trying to regurgitate it, having had some practise. Maybe the student is sufficiently keen to go and look up how to do other cases and read ahead…

My question is: Can I justifiably say I’ve solved the Rubik’s Revenge?

And: How good to you have to be at solving equations before you can say “I can solve equations”?


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