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January 24, 2011

This is another bizarre special offer. I can’t think of any reason for a sale quite like this. Why not just have buy 1 get 1 free?
I think I’ll see what Tesco have to say about this and I’ll let you know what happens.


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    Here’s the email conversation:<hr>31st JanHi,I’d like to start this by saying that this is not a complaint but an enquiry from a curious person. (A number of companies seem to assume that if I contact them, it must be a complaint!)I’m an Advanced Skills Maths Teacher in North Somerset and spotted a curious pricing system in your Weston-super-Mare Express store recently.There were bags of Cadbury’s Crunchie Rocks on sale at ??2.07 each or two for ??2.00.My two questions are:Was this just a mistake or a deliberate pricing strategy (perhaps to move some stock)?If someone were to buy just one of these, would they really be charged ??2.07 or just ??2.00? Would someone be allowed to buy two but then just give you one back?Thanks very much and I hope you appreciate the curiosity of a maths teacher. I look forward to being able to share your response with my students.Thanks very much,Dave GaleAdvanced Skills Teacher : Maths<hr>3rd FebDear DaveThanks for getting in touch and I apologise for the delay in my response.I’m really sorry that on your recent visit to our Express store in Weston-Super-Mare you found that the Cadbury Crunchie Rocks were on sale at ??2.07 each or 2 for ??2.00. I have investigated the matter and the offer that is on at the moment is Buy One Get One Free on this item. I am unsure as to whether there was a pricing error on your visit to the store.In a situation such as the one you suggested, which can happen from time to time with an offer, the price of one item would remain the same, the discount would only be applied on purchasing two. It wouldn’t be possible to give one back I’m afraid.I hope this clarifies the situation for you and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at Regardsxxxx xxxxxxxCustomer Service ManagerTesco Customer Service<hr>4th FebHi xxxx,Thanks for your response – I don’t think you’ve been slow to reply! I imagine that you spend a lot of your time dealing with complaints and I want to emphasise that I am not complaining. It just intrigued me!It seems like the offer should have been buy one get one free but was accidentally mislabelled as ??2.07 each, ??2.00 for two.So, if I took one to the till, it would come up as ??2.07.If I take two to the till, pay ??2.00 and ‘accidentally’ leave one behind, I’ve got the same item for ??2.00. However, I would not be allowed to take two to the till, pay ??2.00 and then actively state "I don’t want this second one, I’m giving it back to you."I realise that this is a fairly unlikely scenario as most people would just happily have the two packs for ??2.00 but I suppose there may be some people who really don’t want two packs for some reason.Finally, what happens if I buy two packs at ??2.00, then the next day, I bring one back with the receipt and ask for a refund. How much money would I get back?Thanks very much,Mr Dave GaleAdvanced Skills Teacher: Maths<hr>7th FebHi Dave,Thanks for getting back to me and I once again apologise for any delay. I would like to thank you for emphasising that you don’t feel that my response was delayed, however we do try to always get back to our customers as quickly as possible.I can completely understand where you are coming from regarding this pricing error, however I am unable to give a definitive answer regarding this query, as due to it being an error in the first place, I wouldn’t be sure as to what it would go through the till as.Thank you for taking the time and trouble to get back in touch and thank you for making us aware of this issue so that we can ensure that the error is rectified.If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at Kind Regardsxxxx xxxxxxxCustomer Service ManagerTesco Customer Service

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