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Shop signs : one bizarre and one plain wrong

January 30, 2011

In this first picture, I hope you can see what a poor deal it is to buy 2, 3 or 4 of these items (you may have to zoom in). I still am not sure about these kind of offers but I have a feeling there’s a link between this one and two similiar ones I posted earlier. Admittedly, this one isn’t as bizarre as them, but it’s still odd.


The second picture is just plain wrong.

“At least 75% off.”
£5.99 reduced to £1.99.
Hang on!



I feel that an email to Dunelms may be required.


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  1. IMSquire permalink

    Last year in HOMEBASE I found a sign saying Wellington Boots 3 for the price of 2. I hope the offer is on again this year. Although if does add to the statement that most of us in the UK have more than the average number of legs.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Ian,Very nice. If they do, could you take a picture?Dave

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Here’s my email conversation with Dunelms. A good response!Dear Dunelms, I???d like to start this email by saying that I???m not complaining! I???m just curious about something I spotted in your store and was interested to see what your response was. I???m an Advanced Skills Teacher (Maths) and part of my job involves looking for examples of maths being used in real life. I spotted the following two prices in your store:[top pic as in blog]I???m really curious about these pricing strategies and was wondering if you knew how they worked/what their purpose is?I was struck by the idea that perhaps there???s something to do with the fact that they are energy saving light bulbs and there???s an incentive of some sort to encourage Greener light bulb use? Looking forward to your reply and again, please remember that this isn???t a complaint ??? just a curious enquiry! Thanks very much, Mr Dave Gale<hr>Dear Mr Gale There are a number of reasons what are termed price promotion as a tool in Marketing ??? the main examples are as follows 1. Sometimes a retailer will use it as a spoiling tactic to stop other retailers selling items. This is used generally on items that are every day basics such as toilet rolls and toothpaste ??? whereby the customer is always going to use the same amount of products but by getting them to buy in bulk they are not going to a competitor to purchase. This is where you see what we would call in the marketing world BOGOF???s or Buy one get one free.2. Sometimes a retailer will offer a discounted price on buying more than one product because they want to move the stock more quickly or they are getting rid of seasonal items. For instance you wouldn???t want to be left with lots of Christmas products so by actively encouraging people to buy two you are moving the product before the season finishes. I hope this helps explanation is satisfactory and resolves your enquiry. Kind regards *****************Customer Service AdvisorDunelm DirectDunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd<hr>Hi ***********, Thanks for your response. Given that the case I???m talking about seems to refer more to your first example as light bulbs are not seasonal, what I???m curious to know is: I understand BOGOF offers. For these light bulbs, I???m actually worse off if I don???t want to use the offer. In both cases, what price would I be charged if I really wanted to buy 2 lightbulbs? Thanks Mr Dave Gale<hr>Dear Mr Gale, Thank you for your email. Yes you are correct in what you are saying, that if you bought 2 light bulbs you would pay 58p. The light bulbs were a promotion at the time, in line with a government initiative to encourage people to switch to energy saving light bulbs. I hope you find this answer to your satisfaction. Kind Regards. **************Resolution ExecutiveWebstoreDunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd<hr>Hi ****** and thanks for your reply. Your response is just what I was looking for – it’s part of a government initiative. That’s great.Thanks very much. Dave Gale

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