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Tagxedo tutorial for

March 1, 2011

This is a short video I made using Jing  about a website called  for another website called


Tagxedo makes word clouds.

Jing is a screencapture tool.

Undertenminutes is about technology tutorials for educators in <10 mins.


All three websites are free to use!

This is one I made about the play “A View from the Bridge”



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  1. HanPom permalink

    Dear Dave,Thank you for your blog! A colleague who knows I love Wordle put me onto this post, and I find you are full of great ideas for teaching and learning. Is it possible to create an online repository for maths wordles or tagexdos for people to share? Thanks,Han

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Han,Thanks for your positive post. I hope you like tagxedo – it’s a little better than Wordle I think.I’m sure we could create an online repository and I’m happy to collate them on here unless you know of a better host?Cheers.Dave

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