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Twitter in the maths classroom

March 8, 2011

I’m going to try asking my students today to write a plenary in the style of Twitter.
140 characters to explain an important point from the lesson.

I don’t think many/any of them use Twitter but it just happens to be a good length for an email subject too. My plan is to send blank emails with just a subject to aid with revision.

We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. @jmpag permalink

    Did very similar today with my YR10 History group – Stalin sending a statement to Eastern European countries in 1948 using Twitter – great fun and a good basis for more detailed writing later

  2. Anonymous permalink

    That’s great thanks jmpag.Could you share some examples?

  3. @caro_lann permalink

    I asked my trainee teachers to evaluate a seminar on learning theory using 140 characters or less I gave them a slip of paper with a 7 by 20 grid printed on it and got some great responses. But none of them tweet, sadly.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the post. The grid is something I considered and I think I would want to use one next time as it gives the students a visual reference for how much space they have left.I hope you’re encouraging your trainees to tweet!

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