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Year 11 maths revision

March 18, 2011

My year 11 class have now been through all the required topics for foundation tier GCSE maths. So, of course, we are now beginning the game of revision and exam prep.
Today, I had a variety of exam type questions and students were working through them as an initial reminder of the various thing they need to know. The interesting thing that kept coming up was they couldn’t remember what various key words meant: perpendicular, factor, multiple, congruent and similar kept coming up. Once they were told (or looked up) what they meant, they were pretty much always able to then answer the question. So, I/we need to find effective ways of getting these words into their memory. I’m thinking of ICT somehow – perhaps podcasts.

On the negative side, this means that the exam may well be a memory test more so than a skills test. On the positive side, there’s quite a lot research and techniques regarding memory.


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  1. HanPom permalink

    My students love a quick game of articulate with key words, and I use examination technique words as well as definitions for things mathematical e.g. ‘evaluate’, ‘show that’, ‘solve’… (I’ve just printed a long list onto card and cut them up)the ATM also do a great game ‘Fourbidden’ which is a bit more sophisticated – but getting the kids to make their own is even more developmental (the cards need careful checking before they get used)…Hope this is useful.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for that HanPom.I actually have the ATM game Fourbidden but forgot about it!!I’ll definitely give it a go with my yr11s to break the monotony of past exam papers.

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