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Mereside yr6 Daily Maths Challenge

March 22, 2011

I found the following link via Twitter to Meresideyear6s daily maths challenge.

Dear year 6,

I spotted your post about this problem on Twitter. Here are the answers from my year 8 class.


 We’ve used something that you’ve said we couldn’t unfortunately (ie using the 2 and the 5 to make 25).

We’ve also used some cool things you might like to find out about – like this sign …   !



Let us know what you think!


Mr Gale and 8A1


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  1. Mereside Primary School (Class 6S) permalink

    WOW – thanks for trying our challenge !Mr Sale is going to add a new one everyday in the build up to our SAT’s in May – we have posted 2 sets of our answers from the challenge – have you seen out other challenges?Please have a go and try answering them ?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    We enjoyed trying your challenge. Thanks for taking the time to comment.Mr Gale

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