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Mean, Median and Mode Rhyme

April 26, 2011

I asked my year 7s to come up with a way of remembering which average is which. I was hoping they’d come up with something creative and I was beaten to the chase by one of the student’s primary school teacher. She’d set them the same task as homework in primary school.

Apparently, one of them had gone and found a poem on the internet and they had liked it. It seems pretty good to me:

Hey diddle, diddle, the median’s the middle,

You add then divide for the mean,

The mode is the one that you see the most,

And the range is the difference between.


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One Comment
  1. Liz Grimshaw permalink

    Frere Jacques tune…..Mean is adding then dividingMode is most, mode is mostMedian in the middle, median in the middleRange High Low, Range High Low

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