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Data Handling with Google Docs

May 2, 2011

I’ve been playing around a bit with Google Docs (GD) and trying to think of a way to use them with students. I think that I may have been presented with the opportunity by my scheme of work : ‘be able to represent data using ICT’ given that my class tomorrow is in a computer room.

So. I’ve used GD forms to create a questionairre that the Ss will fill in first thing. Then, once the data is in, I’ll resend it to them in Excel.
I’ll also create a GD spreadsheet that has the various tasks I want students to do along with their names down the side. They can then fill in the matrix once they’ve completed each skill based task.

I’m quite excited about being able to have the spreadsheet displayed during the lesson and seeing the students update as we go through.

Should be interesting. I’ll let you know.

Anyone else done something like this before?


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  1. HanPom permalink

    Are the students able to all update the data at once? I tried to do something similar recently by settng up a wiki, and we quickly discovered that individuals data was lost if more than one of them tried to edit and save at once!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the comment.They can all update it at once with the assumption that they will only update the cells that are next to their name.I tried a ‘free for all’ approach in a word-type document and that didn’t cope well at all. I’m hoping the fact that they’re not all trying to write in the same place at the same time will make a difference.

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