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Using Audio (KS4 key words)

May 6, 2011

I’ve been using Google Forms to ask my year 11 students what they feel would help them prepare for their exams. The form asks them whether they would want any of the following:


·         You tube videos based on topics they suggest

·         Audio files on key words (recorded by me)

·         Audio files on key words (recorded by them)


So here’s my first response to what they’ve requested.


What do you think? I’ll try to update with their thoughts when they tell me!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I’d be tempted to remove the ‘answers’ and maybe try a mix and match with a separate recording for each key word… eg match recording of definition for "acute" with a picture and/or the key word… Put the recordings in a list and ‘answers’ in a separate list in a different order. Maybe something for later!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Colin,I like your idea and will probably try that.I was going for something that could be easily listened to ‘on the move’ with the students’ mobiles in their pockets. Hence the style I went for.I’d be interested to see if I (or someone else) can combine your idea into a mobile platform.

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