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Life Long Learning : New Skills

May 17, 2011

During tutor time, I often show my tutees something that I think is impressive/awesome/shows dedication etc as a talking point and this is often from Youtube [sensing another post coming about those clips]. While there are some things that seem to really impress them, I’m surprised (and pretty annoyed) by how often, when something minor goes wrong with whatever the person is doing, someone will say “That was such a fail”.

I really don’t like this culture of being very quick to criticise the tiniest mistake while completely overlooking all of the good aspects in the effort/dedication/creativity. So. I’ve challenged my tutees to learn a new skill using a tutorial found on Youtube or elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be a useful thing but can be if they like. This is to hopefully show them that Youtube is an awesome resource of knowledge while also giving them an opportunity to discover how to filter through poor tutorials (resources). Ultimately I want them to be less quick to brand anything a ‘fail’ and much quicker to recognise the positives in people and the things they do.

The video is my attempt at learning a coin roll after 3 days of practising.


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  1. Megan permalink

    I completely agree with the frustration you feel hearing "that was a complete fail." I want to scream when I hear "epic fail" seven times before the first bell rings! I may steal this idea to solve the epic failure rate of epic fails in my classroom!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Megan.Thanks for your comment and please do steal away!If anyone has any ideas for other ways to combat this culture, I’d love to hear.

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