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Wrington Primary Visit

May 23, 2011

I went to visit the yr6 class at one of our larger feeder schools today to take them through a maths activity. I was collected from the office by two polite and friendly students and taken to Miss Matthews class.
After break, the students came in and were perfectly prepared for what lay ahead.
We briefly talked about the difference between my school and theirs. Primarily, this was the size: Approximately 200 students compared to approximately 1600 students.


Also, our maths department has about the same number of teachers as their entire teaching staff. Some students were surprised by this, others seemed to know/be expecting this.
Onto the activity. Some numbers had been naughty and we needed a suspect to blame. Using a colouring in variation of The Sieve of Eratosthenes we narrowed our list of 24 numbers to just the prime suspects.


Next, we went through a few mini puzzles to try and eliminate some of the suspects. These puzzles included making different amounts of money with exacty three coins, looking at triangle numbers, adding up time and using a number pyramid. We didn’t have time to complete all the puzzles so the identity of the suspect number will have to wait until their next maths lesson.
I finished by showing a mathematical card trick. This amazed and astounded everyone. Even I don’t know how I did it!
Overall, it was a brilliant (albeit too short) session. The students were impeccable in both behaviour and effort. I really hope the students are looking forward to the challenges involved in going to secondary school.



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