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May 24, 2011

I tried using Wallwisher with a class yesterday to collect their ideas for a questionnaire about the average year 7 student.

I thought that the Wallwisher site would allow the students to see each other’s ideas and add their own thoughts while I would be able to rearrange them conveniently. I also noticed that I could enable approving ideas before they went live and this is a feature that I liked as I’ve had a few issues with GoogleDocs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get on too well with it (having fortunately been warned by @Chris_1974). I found that the site was painfully slow when there were several people trying to use it. Once I’d approved a post, it would appear to randomly un-approve itself and I had to start again. The page did not cope well with 30 students trying to use it (I assumed multiple users was kind of the point) and it got way too cluttered. Although it’s fairly easy to move things around on the screen, it was too difficult to get it into any sort of groupings.

Finally, there’s the error message:

Amusing the first time. Significantly less so by the 5 time in 10 minutes.

My advice: Avoid.



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