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Statistics Program of Study – Mindmap

June 7, 2011

I’ve been working on making the statistics part of the A level maths more interactive and project based.

I’m trying to have most of the main topics introduced with something interesting.

I intend to give them the mindmap at the start of the course and the hope is that some of the titles will be engaging enough to make them want to ask about them in advance.

A few notes:

A book icon indicates a reading homework (a specific chapter from the book stated)

The numbers are just chapter numbers from the text book we use


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  1. hanpom permalink

    I am sure you have come across the intesting Stats RISPs by Johnny Griffiths: also the Royal Statistical Society resources.These are good places for interesting tasks!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi and thanks for the comment.I have visited the RSS site before but hadn’t seen the RISPs one.Thanks very much for that link!Dave

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