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North Somerset Heads of Maths meeting

June 8, 2011

I spent today with a number of Heads of Maths discussing a variety of things. Here are some of the key points and findings.
Schemes of work featured heavily and I and Tracy talked through the year 7 SoW for a Mixed ability, Problem Solving driven scheme. There was plenty of discussion and (understandable) concern about this potential approach. Essentially, this is going to be a ‘watch this space’ item as it’s going to be started in September. So…. more on this at a later date. You can check these pictures for a flavour: (The SoW is in hyperlinked Powerpoint format)


Next, Gary showed us his awesome Flash games at this website. This is a collection of several years’ work on creating games aimed at rewarding students for doing maths. There are hundreds of games and I can’t do justice in a description here but I highly recommend you check them out. Incredibly, they are free and cover many topics and hooks: Zombies, cars, football, Ant and Dec, Simpsons, Mastermind….. Here are some screen shots:


We had a discussion about the new style Ofsted inspections. I don’t really want to go into that here but let’s just say it was interesting.
More discussion on Schemes of Work followed. This time focusing on KS4 with most schools using a variation of the AQA powerpoint. It seems that we all struggle to get resources into a convenient, accessible place so they are easy to find next year. Seems like there’s some work to be done there (maybe next year).
Also mentioned my KS5 S1 SoW.
Next up, Chris Pearce talked about which is a test generating piece of software. You can create tests for KS1,2,3 from past exam questions and then create an online test (with a url link to it). Students then answer the questions and you and they get quite detailed feedback and level break down including areas of strength and areas to improve. You can get a free trial at the website. was demoed by me. This is now free and that is excellent news. They are awesome games and you really must check it out. The games are very well designed and create a really competitive attitude: Leaderboards and that kind of thing.


And that was about it.
I was going to share the human fruit machines but we didn’t have time but I’ll put it in here:




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