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15 Paperless Maths Strategies

June 13, 2011

Via Twitter, I came across John Spencer’s Blog post: 15 Paperless Maths Strategies.

There are 15 interesting ideas to use in the maths classroom. Even though I’m not sure that they’re all paperless as such, this doesn’t detract from the good ideas that are in there.

I particularly like:

#1 – Critical Thinking

Questions like “Are numbers neutral?” and “When are decimals less accurate than fractions?” are great thinking points that could generate deep thinking and discussion. I like the idea of numbers being neutral and will probably follow this up with “How can numbers be used to win wars?” as I think there’s a lot to be discussed there.

#2 – Vocabulary

John suggests that students create a vocab blog including:

·         The word

·         Picture (drawn or searched for)

·         Its use in a sentence

·         Synonyms should be added as tags

I’m very impressed with this idea. I’d love to know more about the logistics of how this is done but it’s certainly got me thinking.

#8 – Multimedia Inquiry

I really like this and it seems to fit very nicely with Dan Meyer’s work called What Can You Do With This [WCYDWT] (It’s a bit awkward to get into from this link but I recommend persevering)

#10 – Name it Claim it

“How many acute angles can you find around school” – Simple yet clever and I’ve never thought of it before!

John’s full post is well worth a look.

Thanks very much John.


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