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100 Word Challenge

June 28, 2011


The low, throbbing hum that emanated from the stone had often puzzled the squirrels. Puzzled but soothed.

The rodents had no idea what on earth possessed the humans to build the monstrous looking thing just before they all left. They had even less idea why the uprights thought that making it human head shaped was sensible. Whatever the thinking behind it was, the sound it made was certainly relaxing.

The concern of the majority of the animals that were left was the fact that the humans weren’t intending for it to make any noise…….and they were not around to ask. 


Just in case you’re wondering what’s going on:


I’d like to direct you to a website called which is aimed at encouraging learners to produce creative writing.

It is run by an ex-headteacher called Julia who I had the pleasure of meeting when we both presented at TeachMeet Clevedon (#TMClevedon).


Essentially, there’s a short prompt to lead learners into writing a creative piece of up to 100 words. I rather like this as 100 words is non-threatening and the prompts that Julia gives are varied and interesting. Also, Julia (and others) comment on your piece. The picture above is the prompt for week 14.


So, the story above was mine for this week. I should mention that it’s meant to be a task for under 16s but I hope I might be allowed to get away with this once…








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  1. Ross Mannell permalink

    For kids under 16 maybe but I feel young at heart and obviously so do you. 🙂 I liked the story and in exactly 100 words.Ross Mannell (teacher)Australia

  2. Maxine permalink

    After learning about the site from my son and to keep him company while writing I have written a couple of entries myself but never been brave/cheeky enough to submit – I too am just over 16. May be we should set up a grown ups category and get more parents and teachers showing off?? I would love to see a Ross Mannell entry. By the way I liked your story too.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Hello you young ‘grown ups’. Thank you Dave for doing this. I’m am very flattered. I shall explore a grown ups version & get back to you!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    🙂 16 is a long way back. I've had my 16th birthday 3 times and am heading to my fourth. Odd though, I seem to be different to my first 16 years. Love commenting on the kids' stories. Takes time to get through them all. Adults too? Scary thought. LOL

  5. Anonymous permalink

    If there were an adult version, I'm sure the children's creativity and uniqueness would always outdo the adults. 🙂

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