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If we taught ___ like we teach maths ___

July 14, 2011

On twitter, I saw this from @davidwees 

If we taught tech like we teach maths, kids would be forever hammering nails into wood but never making anything.

My variations are:

If we taught catering like we teach maths, kids would be forever prepping veg but never cooking it.

If we taught football like we teach maths, kids would be forever practising penalties but never playing a game.

Now, I’m not suggesting that practising penalties is a bad thing to do, but if we only ever did that, potentially enthusiastic footballers would be put off by the repetative drills and being denied the chance to see an opportunity for their use.
I think if I was rewriting the saying, I’d put ‘passing’ rather than ‘penalties’ as passing is rather more fundamental to the game than penalties. I know I played many games of football well before I tried taking penalties.


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  1. singinghedgehog permalink

    I have been looking at incorporating ideas from the Dutch Realistic Mathematics movement into my teaching; I need to spend some time this summer looking at their assessment ideas so that I can still track progress without having to fall back to more traditional pen and paper tests which are not in accord with the rest of their ideology. Beats mowing the lawn!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    In September, my school/faculty is moving more towards the idea of teaching students ‘how to be a mathematician’ rather than how to do maths.Will let you all know how it goes.

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