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Being a mathematician: Infographic

July 24, 2011

Thanks to Zoe Elder’s blog, I’ve come across a website called Numberpicture (

It lets you create your own infographics based on some templates that are available. It’s pretty intuitive and has quite a bit of flexibility – you can even create your own templates if you know code (which I don’t).

Take a look at the pic for my first attempt. I know you can’t read all the words properly but I’m pretty pleased with the overall effect.


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  1. T Davies permalink

    I use a lot of Wordle which, whilst not very mathsy, is very useful for vocab. – Also presume you know of

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi,Thanks for the comment and yes, I’ve heard of/used Have you seen ?If you like Wordle, you’ll love Tagxedo. Very similar but more flexibility and you can choose the shape.Search for tagxedo on this blog and you’ll see a tutorial.Dave

  3. malynmawby permalink

    nice.btw, @TDavies if you think wordle or tagxedo aren’t maths-y, think again. I incorporated both in a task. Students had to determine frequency of the ‘big’ words as per visual representation in tag clouds – smart students will connect this to programming behind, i.e. logic behind tag clouds (yes, it’s maths). I also got them to express ratios in algebraic format eg. 2x = y +1. Point is, the opportunity is there.I should say – this was for a year 7 class so probably too easy for other years.

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