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I’m supporting Relatively Prime @SamuelHansen

July 26, 2011


Samuel Hanson makes two mathematical podcasts that I listen to weekly. They are Math/Maths with Peter Rowlett (@PeterRowlett) and Combinations and Permutations.

Both of these are excellent ways of keeping my hand in with maths that I wouldn’t get to know much about otherwise. Math/Maths is largely a round up of mathematical news and events and I’ve been mentioned a few times on there. Combinations and Permutations is a podcast where Sam picks a topic to talk about and springs it on some of his friends (I assume they’re friends at least – it’s not obvious from the way he talks to them 😉 ). I like Combinations and Permutations at least partly because Sam has a Masters degree for his work in Network Theory which is easily one of my three favourite areas of maths (the other two being game theory and statistics).

Anyway. Sam is wanting to do an 8 part series of podcasts called relatively prime. Here’s the bit he’s written about it:

Relatively Prime will be an 8 episode audio podcast featuring stories from the world of mathematics. Tackling questions like: is it true that you are only 7 seven handshakes from the President, what exactly is a micromort, and how did 39 people commenting on a blog manage to prove a deep theorem. Relatively Prime will feature interviews with leaders of mathematics, as well as the unsung foot soldiers that push the mathematical machine forward. With each episode structured around topics such as: The Shape of Things, Risk, and Calculus Wars, Relatively Prime will illuminate each area by delving into the history, applications, and people that underlie the subject that is the foundation of all science.

Sounds like a very good series to me and, frankly, supporting this a little bit seems like the least I can do given how many free podcasts I’ve listened to. If you’d like to support it too (and if you like maths or listen to any of Sam’s podcasts you really should) then you can go to

You can also look for Sam’s other podcasts on

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Good news. Relatively Prime was successfully funded.

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