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Year 12 Statistics Blog

August 3, 2011
I’m wanting to create a blog for my year 12 Stats students with lesson notes and other interesting links.

I’d like your help in coming up with ideas for what I could put on the blog. Here’s a link to a google doc you can edit and the QR code will take you there too.


I’d also like help with the following student agreement and blog rubric*.

Thanks in advance for your help!

*Much of the blog rubric was adapted from

These two documents are both in draft form at present.


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  1. GoodwiP permalink

    This looks like a really good idea. I will also be teaching S1 this year and may give this idea a go. Most students find statistics tricky and I believe that promoting discussion of their understanding is a way to overcome this. Your blogging idea seems like it may be a good vehicle to do this. I’ll watch your blog with interest and let you know of any success that I have.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I definitely agree that discussion it likely to promote understanding. Please do let me know how your blogging goes.Dave

  3. Anonymous permalink

    From the GoogleDoc above:Dave, I am going to also do a Year 12 blog, with my 16th century history class. I am going to try and take the pressure off me doing it by assigning two kids a week to write it, describing what we learnt in class and if needed attach notes, additionally each week the kids will have to find something interesting on the net to compliment this work, e.g. a video or website. In theory by easter we will then have a working resource from which to revise from. In theory. Not sure how doable this is with Stats though, good luck! Rich (@kenradical)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rich and thanks.I did wonder about letting them run it but for my first go I wanted to make sure it was well updated. I???m hoping there will be a lot of contributions from them anyway and maybe some will even volunteer to update it themselves. I???m sure there are plenty of resources they can find to link to. Dave

  5. malynmawby permalink

    Class blogs are fantastic teaching and learning platforms so good luck on your journey. I’ve done a few posts on this topic as part of an Edublogs Teacher Challenge. A few that may be of interest are:<a href="">Rules are Rules</a> for tips on setting up blogging rules<a href="">Class blogs – what for?</a> might provide a few more general ideas on using class blogs<a href="">Student Voices</a> for ideas on enlisting students as blog contributorsAll the best!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hi malynmawbyThanks for your encouragement and the links. I like the idea of creating visuals of rules and displaying them on the blog.Looking forward to seeing how this works out.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Comment on Twitter from @GoodwiP (Paul Goodwin) @reflectivemaths I will definitely do a blog but I may need to start with Core 1 as we don’t start Stats till JanMy response@GoodwiP starting with Core1 will be interesting too. Should mean my stats one is well underway by the time you start stats

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