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How much does it cost to ‘Spend a Penny’?

August 17, 2011


I was in London recently and at the Waterloo East station, it costs 30p to enter the toilets. Being a maths teacher, the natural question to ask is:

If you were to put a money jar next to your loo and put 30p in each time you used it, how much would you accumulate in a year?

Let’s take some answers in the comments as rough estimates please. There is of course one significant (and very personal) variable in this task! Without being too graphic, I wonder just how variable this is?

If you’d like to help with a short, anonymous questionnaire, perhaps you wouldn’t mind filling this in:


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  1. rockhyrax permalink

    I’ve never counted but suspect my CV is quite high. There is a further thing to consider: whether people would wait longer before using the smallest room if in addition to that 30p they’d have to negotiate their way (bags and all) through that little turnstile…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, and an interesting point.At this particular one, there was an attendant you had to pay (and no turnstile I think).The attendant let my wife through for free when asked if she was going in for our daughter.

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