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WITMIT? Container

August 23, 2011

I saw this outside a carpet shop and couldn’t just walk past the list of numbers. I don’t know exactly what they all mean yet but I’m sure there must be some maths in there somewhere!

Any comments, ideas or suggestions welcome!

(WITMIT = where is the maths in this?)



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Spotting Tare+Net=MGW might allow students to work out what the terms might mean (especially when they think about what might you want to know about a shipping container and seeing Net>Tare). More arithmetically knowing the Cubic capacity in both cubic metres and cubic feet how could they work out how many feet in a metre, and, if they know another way of calculating it, what percentage accuracy does using this crate give? Once you know the maximum weight and the volume, what’s the maximum density? What kind of matter would give you that density? ….Gary

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Max – thanks for the link. Can’t see CTXU though!Gary – Nice ideas there. I particularly like the conversion of cubic measurements.I was wondering about trying to estimate the dimensions of the container. That’s why I tried to get the car into the picture to give a sense of length.Totally hadn’t thought about density.ThanksDave

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