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Math/Maths discussion about gravel

September 7, 2011

This is a portion of the excellent maths podcast called Math/Maths, which you can find at

Peter often asks people what they’ve been up to (mathematically) and in this episode they have a reasonably lengthy conversation about a reply I gave.
The podcast is made in association with and features Peter Rowlett (@peterrowlett) and Samuel Hansen (@Samuel_Hansen).

If the first short exchange confuses you:
Just a little context: Peter would normally ask for replies to be sent to Sam’s email address but Sam has little access to his email at present.

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  1. rockhyrax permalink

    The gravel scenario, even if completely made up, makes sense because of the cost associated with ordering extra bags, so there’s a point to working it out,Can’t remember the details of the paint question (and am too lazy to listen again), but if tins of paint came with the estimated area that it would cover when applied in one coat, I would absolutely work out the area I needed to paint. (But then people often call me strange…)

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Well, it was a tonne of gravel and we didn’t measure it out….The tins of paint did come with approx coverage but I still didn’t work it out. I guess part of the issue is that it’s easy to take back excess tins and get a refund.Thanks for the comment.

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