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First week back at school

September 11, 2011

I think it’s gone rather well.

I’ve been particularly impressed with a few of my students who have gone that bit further with their homework. One student drew a shape out several ways to show what fraction each one was. Another student tried to rearrange the shapes to make it easier and although he got it wrong, it was a brilliant flash of inspiration to try that. A number of students came to see me at lunch for help and others emailed for help.

My yr 12 stats blog has been well received by students. There are plenty of key word comments (which I set as a homework). I really hope this turns into a brilliant resources

Mixed ability yr 7 and 9 classes are going well but they deserve separate posts when we’re a bit further in.

My yr10 class is another story…


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  1. singinghedgehog permalink

    Sounds as though you are having fun, except with the Yr10s !We have gone mixed ability, at least to start with, with our Yr6 classes and are running a carousel around the staff. I haven’t done it like this before so will be interesting over the next few weeks.Am about to do Napier’s bones with Yr7 top set which should be fun!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Well, the year 10s aren’t *bad* but there are going to be some issues I think….Your yr6 experiment seems interesting and I’d be interested in hearing how that goes.Napier’s bones is a nice little project.

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