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3 for 2 at Claire’s

October 8, 2011

It’s a pretty good deal.

The small print (zoom in) says ‘buy 3 items and the third lowest item is free’.

Isn’t the third lowest item out of three the highest price one? I suspect that there should be brackets around the word lowest or some other punctation/wording.


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  1. Fred permalink

    Perhaps they mean the tallest one ?

  2. Max Stone permalink

    It would be interesting to see how many people successfully argue that their most expensive item should be free. Why they didn’t just put: "Buy 3 items and the cheapest item is free", one can only wonder.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    It wouldn’t let me post my reply in one go, so I’ve had to split it up…It may be to do with the confusion people have when they buy six items. Boots run promotions like this a lot at Christmas, but fortunately they make it clear that if you buy six items, the third and sixth items (in descending price order) will be free. Which means you don’t have to queue up twice to get the maximum value from the offer.For example:If you were to buy six items, priced; ??6, ??5, ??4, ??3, ??2 and ??1, you might have thought you would only get the ??2 and ??1 items free. With most 3 for 2 offers, you’d need to get the ??6, ??5 and the ??4 items separately in order to save the extra ??2 (??4 and ??1 items free instead of ??2 and ??1 items free), but with the way Boots run their offers you don’t have to worry.If they were trying to provide a similar offer, they haven’t succeed.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve often (silently) admired Boots’ clarity on the matter.I just can’t believe that no-one in the whole of the Claire’s chain haven’t spotted the mistake. Does this kind of error not jump out at other people?

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