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#100WCGU wk18

November 7, 2011


The picture is my 100 word challenge for grown ups (#100WCGU) entry. Have a read!

If you don’t know what it’s all about, have a look at this link to Julia Skinner’s (@theHeadsffice) website where she sets a prompt and then your challenge is to include that prompt in a creative story of n more than 100 words.

By the way, I will not take kindly to comments along the lines of “looks like you’ve already forgotten that skill” 😉


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hello you! This is just SO you! Thank you so much for joining in. I do hope you will link it with the others when the link is open! Have you written it in the book?

  2. Sally-Jayne permalink

    Clever. I like it.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    This is *so* brilliant! I love your idea!

  4. anhalf permalink

    Great take on the prompt, good for you for thinking out of the box. Loved it

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve comeback for a second look & now understand! Duh! This is a very clever take on the prompt – you clever boy!!

  6. LisaWieldsWords permalink

    Bravo! I think too many of us have, indeed, forgotten this skill as well as the skill of writing simple letters.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all those comments.Julia thinks I’m clever! *blushes*

  8. Midlife Singlemum permalink

    It took me a long tome to get used to composing on the computer – I did so love to actually write it down. But now I’m a computer convert and very rarely go back to basics. You are right – we should every so often, lest we forget.

  9. Robin Hawke permalink

    What no stone and chisel? Love this entry, Robin

  10. R?? permalink

    I’m a lover of pen and paper myself. Of course, we know it’s not so eco-friendly now, but I don’t throw away much of my own writing so I suppose it’s not so bad! Love your take on the prompt.

  11. Alison Green permalink

    Lovely, I use fountain pen and paper quite often. Clever idea.

  12. Gill Simpson permalink

    Great angle on the theme. How did you count without the "word count" button?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Here is a youngster who shared your thoughts!

  14. GSussex permalink

    Novel angle, good for you!

  15. Andy Relf permalink

    Unique and legible. If I did the same, I’m sure it would not have quite the same effect 🙂

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