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The Blog’s 1st Birthday

December 13, 2011
Well, it was one year ago today that I wrote my first blog post. It all started because of Zoe Elder and reading her blog . She encouraged me to start blogging (and then later to start Tweeting too) so this is all down to her.

I’ve certainly enjoyed doing it and I can’t quite put into words just how many resources and ideas have been sparked by using twitter or how many ideas I’ve managed to retain by putting them on my blog. It’s been great for just putting things on and thinking “I’ll come back to that later”. It has also been an awesome way to share resources with other teachers and I think I’m justified in saying that a lot of people have read various posts on my blog and got something out of it.

[Have to give a quick thanks to posterous for hosting this site as the way it lets you share resources is just so easy.]

My aims were to balance Teaching ideas and thoughts with Mathematical ideas and thoughts and, obviously, sometimes combine the two together. Here are two representations of the tags I’ve used and I’m really pleased to see that creativity has come out so highly.
Communication has come out a little larger than it should have done in this first one. I’ll get that fixed at some point.

You probably need to click on the picture to get it full size really.
Thanks to for these two infographics.

Here are my top 5 favourite/ most viewed/ most commented on posts:

Thinking Mathematically (aka the dishwasher one)
Sparked lots of twitter discussion about what it’s like to be a mathematician

My first really – ooh ‘look at the maths in that’ moment a little bit like Dan Meyer’s work

I just love the fact that I am still learning maths. Even really easy stuff like the area of a triangle

Thanks to Julia ( @theheadsoffice ) for this really. I like the chance to be creative and the idea of only having 100 words seemed doable. I think I might be right in saying that this entry helped to inspire the #100WCGU (grown up version) too.

Partly because it’s become a bit of a trademark for me to find bizarre pricing strategies in shops but also because this one caught the eye of Dan Meyer and got a twitter mention from him.

How am I celebrating? Well, I’ve ordered myself a mug with this image on it.

Thanks for all the comments and here’s looking ahead to the next year of blogging.



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  1. Thony Christie permalink

    Hap?? Birthday

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Congratulations on a year of blogging.

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