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Dishwasher : Half Load

December 19, 2011

Ok, this one’s been bugging me for a while (and I’m not obsessed with dishwashers before you ask).
When I use the ‘half load’ button on my dishwasher I’ve come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t need to be *exactly* half full. However, how does the machine know which ‘half’ to wash? Left half, front half, top half?
Given that it can’t know that information (or at least it doesn’t ask) what does it actually do? Use half the water? Would that still get things as clean? It certainly appears to but does anyone actually know?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Loads of interesting information in this article: answer your question:Half-load programmes use more than half the amount of water of a full load. By waiting until the machine is full [you] could save approximately 0.6 litres of water per person.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Another opinion on how to load a dishwasher:

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