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Christmas Present Puzzles

December 26, 2011


I got a book of puzzles for Christmas. Here are a few I’ve seen so far that I like:

The Long Division
Solve the following sequence of divisions.
What is one-half of two-thirds of three-quarters of four-fifths of five-sixths of six-sevenths of seven-eighths of eight-ninths of nine-tenths of one hundred?

Red or Green
You are given four pieces of cardboard and told that each one is either red or green on one side, and that each one has either a circle or a square on the other side. They are placed on the table face up:


Which cards must you turn over in order to have sufficient information to answer the question “Does every red card have a square on its other side?”

Weather Report
“Can you tell me what the temperature has been at noon for the past five days?” John asked the weatherman.
“I don’t exactly recall,” replied the weatherman, “but I do remember that the temperature was different each day, and that the product of the temperatures is 12.”
Assuming that the temperatures are expressed to the nearest degree, what were the five temperatures?

How did I do?
Well, I leave my workings for a future post but I was right, wrong, right (in that order).


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One Comment
  1. Numbat permalink

    I’m thinking the answers are as follows.10 / 1,3 / -2, -1, 1, 2, 3

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