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Tutor Time Activities – Dilemmas and Would You Rather?

January 10, 2012

Here are a couple more tutor time activities I think you’ll like. If you’ve not seen my others, they are:

Google Games

Wikipedia Challenge

Key Letter Categories

Continuous Line Challenge



There Can be Only One

20 Words or Less

 I’d love to hear how any of these went in your class and how the tutees reacted to them.

Note: Some of these may not be suitable for KS2


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    From Twitter @GavinSmart@reflectivemaths Just used the Would you rather one with Year 11s to get them thinking and they loved it! Excellent cheers

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hey David!Would you rather is proving to be a bit of a winner – love it – have been using it not just in tutor but also as starter to engage in lessons too.Thank you!Mark

  3. Gavin Smart permalink

    An amazing resource Dave. All my classes love these and it gets them thinking with others and debating there responses. An excellent tutor time activity, starter or just a little bit of fun!

  4. Numberman permalink

    Thanks for this Dave.My tutor group loved the would you rather and dilemmas. There were some really great conversations and I’m sure some of them were thinking about things they’d never considered before.Brilliant.

  5. Fiona J permalink

    I’ve been using the dilemmas each day after lunch with my year 8 tutor group and it’s been amazing to see them having proper debates about things. I’ve never seen them so passionate about anything before!Your point about making them ‘third person’ has really helped my students feel more comfortable about taking part in the discussion.Thanks so much – I’ve already shared them with the rest of my school.F

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Wow – thanks Mark, Gavin, Fiona and Numberman. Glad you’re finding them useful and that your classes are enjoying them. Really gets them thinking doesn’t it?Dave

  7. Amy Smart permalink

    Thank you so much for providing sessions of fun for my tutor group. These activities have really got them talking, and with vertical groups that’s SUCH an important thing. Really easy to use, thank you!!

  8. Dan Pearcy permalink

    It??s great to have a ready made tutor activity which you know is going to promote thought and discussion – Thanks Dave.I love the "Would you rather…" activity and so do the students.

  9. Joe permalink

    I did the dilemmas and the Would You Rathers.Students preferred the WYR’s but the quality of the discussion was better for the dilemmas.Contrary to what I expected the quality of discussion was better when a large majority preferred one of the options, I think was because the minority felt more compelled to justify their response.Anway, really good, thanks!

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