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February 8, 2012
Well, Teachmeet Priory (#TMPCSA) has come and gone and what a lot of things there were to take in.

It’s always great to see and hear enthusiastic people talking about education and most usefully, things that work in the classroom. It was great to be in a room again with Julia (@theheadsoffice) David (@learningspy) Amy (@AmyG2191) Nicki (@Nicki99) Donna (@dwsm) and [of course] Gavin (@GavinSmart) while meeting some new people too : Stefan (@Sdewer) and Bonnie (@BonHarrington) amongst others!

Thanks to Gavin for organising it and Priory for organising it.

I did two presentations (back to back as it happens). Here are links to the various bits people were asking for links to:

Tutor Time Activities

The prezi, if you’re interested:

And you should be able to see a link to where I summarised them in a previous post:

Pictures to Engage


And here’s a similar one from #TMClevedon

Below is a gallery of most of the pictures. I took the vast majority of them myself so you’re welcome to use them too.



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