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Flipped Classroom

February 18, 2012
Ok, so this term, I and my maths faculty are ‘flipping’ the classroom for our year 7 students. We are letting them learn the basic data handling techniques as homeworks (see the videos for the first set of three) and then we can focus on applying these to projects in lessons.

I’m very interested in your views on the document that I’d like to put into the school newsletter.


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  1. Dave permalink

    You may need to create a video to explain the concept and provide some references to other instances around the world – if possible quoting those who’ve had some success with it. Khan Academy would of course be a good ref. In fact – pointing parents to the TED talk by Khan himself might be enough.You might like to emphasise some of the thinking behind the flip – kids finding it easier to learn at their own pace, in their own time, pause, rewind, replay, etcKeen to hear your experiences!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Good ideas thanks.I’ll adapt it to include some of the benefits.Dave

  3. Anonymous permalink

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  4. Mark Heslop permalink

    Hi. This all looks very good and I am interested in introducing it at my school. What tablet/slate do you use for your flipped classroom videos?

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