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Ultimate Maths Faculty

February 29, 2012

On twitter, there are many great maths teachers with tonnes of experience and also great ideas. The fact that they are on twitter tends to mean they are proactive about sharing resources too.

Yesterday, someone (jokingly) talked about how awesome it would be to all be in the same faculty so I couldn’t help but think that it would be a good idea to get a collective list of secondary school (and KS5) teachers of maths on twitter.

This list here is for people to add themselves to if you want to. I would say that only the first column is essential (your twitter ID) the others are optional. Please do add yourself and help build this ultimate maths staffroom.

Link to Twitter Maths Teachers


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  1. lemonstar permalink

    Comment? About what exactly? Currently I’m working as a private tutor – mainly maths, GCSE, additional maths (OCR), AS and A2 exam preparation but I’m also preparing students for physics(GCSE, AS & A2) and chemistry(GCSE with a view to AS and A2). I wrote software for about 20 years (electricity metering, electrical supply, electricity distribution & power systems protection, mass spectrometer systems) before teaching in both primary and secondary(Maths). Currently contemplating a few self-publishing projects.

  2. lemonstar permalink

    Aah – found the link to the gdoc in the end!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Shawn – I thought I’d remembered a previous list like that.Pleased you’re on board lemonstar

  4. Maths_Master permalink

    Hi Dave. Count me in please! @Maths_MasterCheers and keep up the excellent work!Will Emeny

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