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Ultimate Maths Faculty does Surds

March 4, 2012

Hi all. Here’s my first attempt to make use of the Ultimate Maths Faculty list. Click here to go to the Google Doc page


The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Surds

Hi all, @reflectivemaths here. My idea is to use the power of the Ultimate Maths Faculty list to build a ???Program of Teaching??? for the maths topic SURDS (with other topics to follow).
I???d like to have a set of the best ideas for teaching surds – both in terms of understanding and practise/developing proficiency. As a collection of maths teachers, let???s put our best ideas, thoughts and/or resources. When you teach surds, which parts of what you do work really well?

Let???s aim for a variety of formats, pedagogy, learning styles etc. Please make use of the comments facility too (Insert – Comment [Ctrl+Alt+M]).

This is something of an experiment so let???s see how it goes.

Fine print points: By putting any ideas here, you???re accepting that everyone else can see, use and adapt them. If you link to resources, then please bear the same thoughts in mind. When commenting on here, BE NICE/Constructive.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

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