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Maths at the Shops

March 10, 2012

Out at the shops today, first I was struck by the slightly odd pricing structure in the car park. That should open a class discussion about the price per hour.
Then, the daffodils just made me wonder “What percentage reduction have I got here?” You might like to think of your own questions of course.



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  1. ceejaypee permalink

    Lovely! I would be tempted to run this at the end of a lesson of "real life" y = mx + cAfter students have looked at phones, plumbers, taxi’s etc.I would get them to plot this on the board and join the points… when the students see that the line does not have a constant gradient, their wonky pricing policy can be discussed / compared with another car park.Reminds me of the car park in Brighton that charged ??2 per hour, or ??5 for a lost ticket. We used to park, go shopping, and if we had been over 3 hours, throw our ticket away and claim we had lost it…!

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