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Google Interview Question

March 29, 2012

Apparently, this is a question that has been used in interviews for the company Google:

10, 9, 60, 90, 70, 66
What comes next?

Thanks to Math/Maths podcast (episode 90) for pointing this out and the article is from the Guardian (link here)

I’ll put up an answer in a few days (probably).

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Solved it (didn’t take me long). I’ve coded the answer as not to give away to anyone who is trying to solve it. To decrypt my message copy and paste it to:; rnpu ahzore jevggra bhg va Ratyvfu vf bar yrggre ybatre guna gur cerivbhf.

  2. fionajw permalink

    Using the rather cool cypher linked above (nice!). I have a slightly different answer. I think the answer is:avarglgjb, fyvtug nzraqzrag gb cerivbhf fbyhgvba nf rnpu ahzore vf npghnyyl gur ovttrfg ahzore jvgu gur erdhverq ahzore bs yrggref??

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I completely agree fonajw.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Impressive work the pair of you!I really like that cyphering webpage too.

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