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Projects planned for year 8

April 21, 2012

Our year 7 classes have a curriculum based on projects that draw out the Maths we’d like them to learn (another post on that some time no doubt). Next year we’ll roll that out to year 8 too. Yesterday 4 of us had time to plan the projects and came up with the following list:

Fractals and fractions

Winning Ways (Looking at how many ways there to win on a tic-tac-toe board)
Piles of stones (equations)
Matrices to transform shapes

Green school (if we covered the roof of school in solar panels would it power the school?)
Equable shapes (inc circles and approximations of pi)
An arithmetic fluency project (not sure what yet)

Financial awareness

It’s looking good and promises to be exciting to teach!


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  1. Fawn Nguyen permalink

    Nice! Ambitious too, Dave. I want to do more "green" projects, so you just gave me an idea. Our feeder high school just finished installing solar panels over the students’ parking lot, so I may be able to gather a lot of info locally. (I often wish we’d switch to using Year 7 or Year 8 instead of Algebra, Geometry, etc.)Thank you!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Fawn.Sounds like a golden opportunity!Part of our Green school project will involve looking at Mobile Phone tariffs too.

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