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May 3, 2012
Here are some of my (very) selective highlights from #TMClevedon
This is mainly to remind myself of all the excellent things I saw/heard but I thought this list may be of use to others too:

Making power point useful (Andy Hutt)
gave a link to images:

When presenting with power point, if you type a number, it will go to that slide.

25 ways to introduce Learning Objectives (David Didau)
Post learning objectives as a Facebook status
Add the word ‘because’ to the end
Put the objective in a different language
Use a sign making website to make it more visually appealing

Tutor Time Sorted (Kat Crocker)
Balancing on Things

Learning on the Loo (Sally Thorne)
Putting teaching tips on the walls in the (staff) toilets

Using Aurasma in class (Kelda Richards)
Making your posters come alive with the aurasma app – a bit like Harry Potter pictures.
(This sounds very cool but I’ll need to do a little more looking into it)

Solo Taxonomy (David Didau)
Worth looking into more but not enough time to type about it in this post

App-licable (Gavin Smart)
Educreations app – turns your iPad into a portable interactive whiteboard
My Study Plan – possibly useful for students to input their exams and plan their revision
Word Shake – like boggle

Afl and Google Docs (James Michie)
Just reconfirming some of the things I’ve been thinking about using Google Docs. I’ve played with the collaborative approach to them but might look at the AfL side a little more now

Help I’m stuck (Jim Smith)
Don’t end your introduction by saying ‘If you get stuck, I’ll come and help you’
If they say they’re stuck, try:
Ok, well do something else then
If I gave you £1000000 to become unstuck, what would you do
Imagine what would someone who wasn’t stuck do
What did you do last time you were stuck
Ok, what have you forgotten to do
Find someone to help you (me explaining it once clearly didn’t help)
The Billy Ocean approach

Thanks very much Mark for an amazing event!

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