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Starter Puzzle

May 15, 2012

Here’s something you might like to use as a little puzzle at some point. Maybe just to fill up some time.

The task is to join the red block to the other red one, green to green, blue to blue.

The lines mustn’t cross, pass through the coloured blocks or go outside the rectangle.
The lines do not have to be straight.


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  1. mrberg permalink

    Nice puzzle. Are you allowed to go outside of the box? Also, did you make these?

  2. mrberg permalink

    Whoops, maybe I should just read the instructions.

  3. @srcav permalink

    How do you do the third one?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    In answer @srcav to question:Green line: Left Green to Right Green going over Left Red and under Top Cyan (as close to Top Cyan as possible).Red line: Right Red to Left Red going under Right Green and over Bottom Cyan (as close to Bottom Cyan as possible).Cyan line: From Top Cyan’s right, go down between Right Green and Right Red. Then go left between the Red to Red line and Right Green and stop half way between Left Red and Right Green. Go up between Left Red and Right Green and then left, under Green to Green line and down between Left Green and Left Red and then right into Bottom Cyan.

  5. @srcav permalink


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