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MathMaths Podcast’s 100th episode

June 6, 2012

I listen to the weekly podcast called Math/Maths which features Peter Rowlett (@peterrowlett) and Samuel Hansen (@Samuel_Hansen). The podcast is my way of keeping up to date with maths in the news and is usually funny.

You can visit to view a number of podcasts and here’s a direct link to Math/Maths. Obviously, I’d encourage you to go and listen to it.

This Sunday (10th June) is due to be their 100th episode and they’ve asked for “what’s happening in your mathematical week” as they usually do. However, this time, they’ve asked for recordings of up to 2 minutes.

Mine is embedded in this post.

Below is a brief summary of what I say I’m up to in maths:

  1. Developing practical introductions to the main topics of Statistics A level,
  2. Building on the initial work of the Ultimate Maths Faculty,
  3. Thinking of ways to promote Numeracy across the Curriculum as a follow on from all the work on Literacy across the Curriculum,
  4. Keeping a journal/book where I can jot down all the things I find interesting about maths – puzzles and facts etc.

Here’s looking forward to the next 100 episodes!


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