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Best Buy Squash

June 7, 2012

Loads of maths in here. First question: which one would you buy?


Here’s some more information:
The Tesco own brand is 750ml for ??1.03. There’s an offer of two for ??1.50. This squash is double strength. The Robinson squash is 1litre for ??1.45 and there’s a buy 2 get 2 free offer. The Ribena is ??2 for 1 litre. I think it’s important to state the assumptions made in calculating the ‘best buy’ here. For example, I assume the person isn’t bothered about the flavour or brand. I also assume that the person has plenty of storage and will get through whatever quantity is bought. What do you think of this as a Maths question? I hope it’s not contrived (genuine photo) and has the nice touch of combining:


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  1. Cathy permalink

    Love it – real life maths, which will generate lots of discussion, I’m sure. Will try this out as a revision warm up after half term. I might start by giving them just the picture and asking them what maths they could do with it, with use of open questions if they stay too safe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. mrgpg permalink

    HiJust caught this on twitter. I love this as an activity in class, but the underlying point makes me die a little inside.Questions:1) Is the general public mathematically numerate / sophisticated enough to actually deal with these questions — and if not, isn’t that what Tesco are hoping for?2) Do the public care — and by that I mean, whenever I ask that question in class, the learners care more about brand and taste than the cost effectiveness. OR they’d only buy x1 as they are going on the bus and can’t carry x4 bottles.I am saddened that maths / numeracy is hijacked by the leading brands who clearly (IMHO) make things confusing on purpose so that they can continue to make ?????????? from the public ignorance or apathy.However, as an exercise in class, it will work a treat.Equally, I find myself more and more shouting at the TV when Cheryl Cole comes on and in tiny tiny letters it says "based on a survey of 9 people".About time we had a "Numeracy Tsar" — ;-)(Feeling grumpy today as its still raining!!!)Glen: http:\

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