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2500 beads?

August 2, 2012

According to the packaging, it’s 2500 beads. I’m finding it hard to believe but I don’t want to count them!



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Couldn’t you just weigh them? Then weigh one and check that the weight of them all equals approximately 2500 times that weight. If you don’t have sensitive enough scales to weigh one, perhaps you could ask your local bank.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, Max.A twitter user suggested I weigh them all and weigh just ten of the beads and ‘do the maths’.I doubt very much that the scales I own are good enough to be too accurate about this – the best scales I have seem to weigh to the nearest 2g.I think I’d rather just count them than go to the bank and ask them to weigh one!Thanks for the suggestion.Dave

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Another twitter user suggested I use the capture, re-capture technique which is a nice idea. Unfortunately, that would mean marking them in some way and then they wouldn’t make such a nice elephant and lion (as they are intended to become)!Dave

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