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Ultimate Maths Faculty Reloaded #UMFac

August 22, 2012

A while back, I was inspired to start the ultimate maths faculty. (You can read about it in this post.) The idea was to build a list of twittering maths teachers as a ‘go to’ bank of advice.

That idea was quite popular and there are 148 people listed as I type this but the question was being asked: “Dave, what are you going to do with this list?” That’s when the idea struck to use Google Docs to share ideas on a topic-by-topic basis. Being the ultimate maths faculty, I wanted to try and make sure that we were picking out both tried-and-tested ideas but also, um, ultimate ones. In other words, quality over quantity.

That lead to this post and the launching of the surds page.

Basically, it worked well, people liked the idea and, seemingly, the execution. I made a few more pages (based on suggestions) and people generously contributed and commented. Then things went quiet. This was largely down to me and time constraints but, now seems like a good time to re-engage. As it happens, @mr_brouse appeared to agree and ploughed on with the newest one – Ratio.

Please, as the next steps towards ‘reloading’ the #UMFac, make use of the hashtag, link to this post, browse the pages that are below, add your ideas (especially to the ones that are a little light at present), suggest new pages you want to see and, above all spread the word as it’s definitely a case of

“The more we work together, the better this will be.”

Here are a list of the current pages:


Thanks for your time and look out for the next instalments.


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