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#UMFac Chat

August 28, 2012


If you’ve been about on Twitter recently, you’ve probably heard about a one-off #UMFac chat as suggested by @mrsulemanmaths.

(Edit: See the end of this post if you want to know more about the #UMFac)

So for 45 minutes on Thursday 30th August at 5:30pm (London Time) I’ll host a chat about the way forward for the #UMFac and ways to introduce more teachers to it.
Things to think about in advance:
  • Which other topics do we need to tackle next/soon?
  • How are you going to introduce the #UMFac to your real-life faculty in school?
  • How else could we make use of the #UMFac?

If you can’t make it, but have some ideas, please add comments below this post. Thanks.

If you’ve taken part in a #mathchat or #ukedchat then you probably don’t need to read the following 🙂

How will it work?
Essentially, all the #UMFac Chat means is that as many members as available will be on twitter chatting to each other about the #UMFac at the time above. You don’t really need to do much apart from ‘turn up’ and join in.
If it gets really busy (which I doubt) then feel free to break off into sub chats with people and don’t try to follow/keep up with everything. That’s fine.

The only thing to remember is that you must use the hashtag #UMFac in all your tweets so that they can be picked up and archived afterwards.

What is the #UMFac?
It’s short for Ultimate Maths Faculty.
To be honest, it’s not entirely well defined but it consists of all the maths teachers who have added themselves to the list here.
After creating the list of teachers, I had the idea of using Google Docs to help crowd source the best (ultimate) ideas for teaching a number of different topics.
Part of the chat will be about what else we could do with the #UMFac.

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  1. MrSeaLenehan permalink

    sorry if I am being a dunce but I am interested to know what UMFac stands for/represents before deciding whether to put the date and time mentioned in my calendar. Any chance of a brief intro at the top of the page?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the comment. Extra bit added to the blog post.

  3. MrSeaLenehan permalink

    sounds interesting – I will watch with interest and save #UMFac in my searches 🙂

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