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New Year Resolution – Email

September 4, 2012


It’s the start of a new year and, traditionally, people make resolutions. Here are mine to do with emails. (I have no idea if they’re really practical but I want to give it a go.)

This is partly prompted by the fact that at the start of the Summer I had over 3000 emails sat in my inbox. I furiously filed and viciously deleted and got it down to 650 so I plonked these in a folder called ‘Still to sort’. First day back at school and I got around 20 emails. So:

·         Try not to look at emails in the evenings and weekends. I shouldn’t need to and think they probably distract me from planning lessons and certainly have the potential to distract me from my family.

·         Try not to send emails in the evenings and weekends:

o   I will still write some in the evenings in outlook express but it won’t send them until I login to the wireless at school

o   This doesn’t include emails to posterous for this blog. I’m happy for people that are actively looking for things at the weekend and evening to see those emails.

·         Try to keep my inbox down to less than 10 by the end of the day:

o   Either by filing emails in folders

o   Or by deleting them

o   OR, failing those, simply moving to a ‘To do’ folder

·         Look at my emails in the morning, at lunchtime (my choice) and briefly after school.

Do you have any email tips or your own resolutions?


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