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QR code puzzle worksheet

October 21, 2012

Here’s an idea that’s been bubbling away in my head for a while. This version of it is far from the best way of doing it I suspect but I wanted to get the idea out there so others can start to adapt it.

Basically, I’ve made a QR code and then transferred it pixel by pixel to excel. I put numbers in some of the squares and then created quick sums based on whether the square originally was filled or not.
After that, I’ve just emptied all of the ones that had a number in and were coloured.
Finally, I’ve made the text a light grey and the grid in a pale, dotted grey so that they don’t interfere with the QR reader.

I recommend doing it yourself first so you can check that the final result will be readable by whatever reader will be being used.
Enjoy and let me know what you think.


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  1. GSussex permalink

    This is so creative! Are you the first to come up with this idea? Brillant, think it will really motivate children and aid their learning.

  2. Paul Collins permalink

    Excellent stuff here Dave!At first I thought it was a crossword in the style of a QR Code and thought even that would be pretty cool (with the QR code then scanning after to reveal the correct answers?)I love the idea of students shading in the even answers to create the QR Code and then scan to reveal a Mathematical word. The QR Code could, instead, scan to a youtube video that would then introduce the lesson’s content? Or even to an interactive resource they could then be doing whilst others finished – sort of like an automatic extension for those that finish? I’m very much thinking out loud here, but feel there are loads of things that could be done with this!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Colin Billett permalink

    I think it is a brilliant idea. I’ve just seen it on the TES, and wondering how it was done. Great patience! I’ve spent half an hour looking for a free generator, and now I see you made it all yourself. I’m impressed.

  4. Jack permalink

    Cool stuff! We also experimented with concepts QRCodes.

  5. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Gsussex um, I think so but don’t know for sure. I’ve seen a QR code crossword before but not a worksheet like this. Pleased you like it.

  6. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Paul, those are great ideas and I love the fact that this idea has inspired you. I like the idea of making it link to a video. I’m thinking of making a true/false one for tutor time activities.

  7. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Colin. Thanks for your comment. It did take a while!

  8. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Jack, I like those uses. Cool!

  9. Monica permalink

    What a great use of QR codes! I love doing QR Scavenger Hunts in my classroom:

  10. Tristan Bunn permalink

    I developed a similar approach for the genome analysis centre. It’s a true/false quiz shading the squares. The concept was never fully developed beyond a simple quiz. I did it last year and at the time thought it would be used more often but its a bit fiddly to set up and check that it scans properly so hadn’t progressed from the initial trial. I also designed a QR trump card poster.

  11. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Monica: thanks. I’ve not tried we scavenger hunts yet but I’m sure they’re on the horizon.

  12. reflectivemathsteacher permalink

    Tristan:I know what you mean about being fiddly!I’m interested to know more about the qr trump poster…?

  13. Cathy permalink

    Loved it – what fun, had to have a go. Impressed by the effort you must have put in.

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