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2013 Starter

January 2, 2013


Happy new year!

Here are some nice little starter activities to get your classes back into the swing of things:

The year 2013 is the first year for a while where all the digits are different.
Try to get them to think of their own questions, but otherwise:
  • When was the last time this happened?
  • What are the next 5 times this will be true?
  • When’s the next time this won’t happen?
The digits used in 2013 are consecutive (albeit not in order in this case).
When’s the next and last time that happens?

Will there be any palindromic dates this year?
[aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes*]

Can you create all the digits from 0 to 9 by putting mathematical symbols between the digits
2 0 1 3 ?
(this one is based on an idea from SallyRobin last year)


*this may not actually be true. But it should be.

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  1. David Williams permalink

    2013 can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers in seven different ways. Can you find them?Who am I? I am a sphenic number and the product of my divisors is 16420073604561.Why is the number 1701971548138242677145600 of interest this year?2013 in base 6 is a perfect square.Use 2013 = 2209 – 196 to find the largest prime factor of 2013.2013! has 501 terminal zeros. Kudos Phil " The Power " Taylor.Regards Dave W.P.S. It’s 42 Celsius outside in Port Pirie and the test at the SCG is boring. Bring on The Ashes.

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