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Collection of Posters

January 4, 2013
Here are a set of posters I made for the classroom wall. I intend to put one of them up and change it every so often as I’m pretty sure that after a while, people stop noticing posters. Changing it will help with that.

One of them is maths related but most are pretty general I think.
I’ve created all the posters myself using the iphone app Phoster but I didn’t make up all the sayings. I have edited or added to some of them.

Feel free to use these in your classroom and to share them around your school. Please leave a comment if you do.



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  1. Bryn Llewellyn permalink

    Great resources. Agree you need to regularly change…otherwise it becomes wallpaper. Used this book to create many such posters: you like…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Dave, you’re a legend as always!

  3. Phil permalink

    Good stuff. I Particularly like the last one

  4. George permalink

    great!!! my fav is

    “Pleasure is the measure of your treasure”

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